The Wheel of Fortune in Tarot's Fools Journey

Fire/Water Signs Ruler Jupiter

Wheel of Fortune Symbols are a wheel turning clockwise with rising/falling figures or beasts on it; also a good many Hebrew letters and alchemical symbols, with a sphinx perched atop the wheel.

Wheel of Fortune Story

The Fool represents all of mankind on their journey through life.

From out of hiding comes the Fool, into the sunlight, as if being pulled up from some low, dark point on a wheel. It is time for a change. Staff in hand, he heads back out into the world, expecting nothing. But, strangely, things seem to happen to him as the hours go by, good things.

Wandering by a water wheel a woman offers him a drink in a golden chalice, and then urges him to keep the cup; as he wanders by a windmill, he stops to watch a young man swinging a sword; when he expresses his admiration of the weapon, the young man presses it into his hand, insisting that he take it.

When finally he comes upon a rich merchant sitting in a wagon; reaching out right over one of the wheels, the man hands him a bag of money.

"I decided to give this to the tenth person who walked past me today," explains the Merchant, "You're the tenth." The Fool hardly thought he could still be surprised, but he is. It is as if everything good that he ever did in his life is being paid back to him, three-fold. All luck this day is his.

Wheel of Fortune Meaning

The Fools journey has taken him to a pint of completeness as well as the rise and fall of fortunes and the message that what goes around comes around.

The Wheel of Fortune indicates abundance, happiness, elevation, or luck; a change that just happens, and brings with it great joy. It is a point of completion on the more physical plane of this journey. Libra, represented by Justice, is on the horizon; this sign is the beginning of the opening up to the spiritual realm rather than existing on the mundane physical level of awareness on the journey; a waking up in the dream we call the life journey.

This is a graduation point of sorts. Throughout your journey you are counseled to take control and make good choices. However, sometimes you just get lucky. Sometimes things happen to you over which you have no control, and you rise or fall on that turn of the wheel.

This is about how we sometimes find ourselves soaring up or down on life's Ferris wheel. The Wheel can mean movement, change or evolution, and in that respect it can be about how we all change positions, some of us rising, some of us falling and some dropping to a nadir, some reaching a zenith.

Most of the time, however, this card suggests that such changes will bring with them good fortune. The person you're reading for is going to get that money, that job, that promotion, that marriage proposal, that break they've been waiting for. Call it karmic payback for all the good things you've done in life - destiny or just luck - but whatever lotteries are out there, large or small, they've just won one.

With Jupiter as its ruling planet, it represents luck and change. It is placed squarely in the middle of the Fools Major Arcana journey of life.

How I Became Psychic - Part 1

This article brings authentic insight in to my evolving life as a Psychic and there is so much to learn from my experiences. As a child I would have feelings about people, although I would not necessarily reveal what I saw. The thoughts or hunches that I had would often be played out and that is where my awareness began.

I reflect back on my childhood now and I recognize that some of the most important people in my life were Psychic. As a teenager I was sent on a school community project to visit an elderly woman. This lady was nicknamed (Hooky) it was simply and abbreviation of her surname. Hooky was very well known in our area as a Fortune Teller and she read the tea-leaves.

Hooky and I got on great and I visited her often and helped her with chores around the house. We would end and start the day with a cup of tea and then I would swirl my cup around three times and turn it upside down on to the saucer. The tea-leaves would be stuck to the cup and Hooky would perform a reading on these tea- leaves.

I remember peering in to the cups and wondering how she could get such accurate information from this arrangement of tea-leaves. I was looking for shapes giving clues and I saw absolutely nothing. This was her secret and it was not my time to know and so I remained curious for a few years.

In the time that I came to know Hooky she introduced me to the Spiritualist Church. I remember that I won a marrow in the raffle and I felt that Hooky had something to do with that. It was after Hooky died that my psychic ability really started to manifest. It started off with some kind of automatic writing and drawing.

I was interested in art and often I would draw pictures and one day as I put pencil to paper something remarkable happened. My arm and hand felt very light and actually lifted up almost floating. Then it came down on the paper and without any effort from me it started spelling out words. These words were very personal to me so I won't say what they were, however, this was the time I realized that I was not alone.

I started developing my psychic ability on my own as I did not know anyone apart from Hooky in my area who was psychic. I continued with the automatic writing and automatic drawing for some time before I moved on to develop my psychic ability in other ways. I read up a lot about the psychics of my time and I could relate to many of their experiences.

I purchased a crystal ball and followed the instructions in a book for scrying and realized that I was actually looking for things to appear inside the crystal ball. In reality this is not how it happened for me the crystal ball was a focus and reflected back in to my mind images, scenarios and senses. I would start to get little stories in my mind about people.

The messages seemed to open up like a movie screen and I was shown a series of events happening in people's lives. I would then be able to bring them a message based on the stories that I got, and when I told them the story that I got they could really relate to what I was saying. As an example I would get a scene opening up of a lady waiting at a bus stop and getting wet, she was waiting for someone.

A very smartly dressed man turned up in a car and took this lady to a wooded area where he told her that the wooded area was hers. This lady said that this was very accurate because she was waiting for a project that she had been working on with the material being mainly of wood to be patented.

I told her that she did not expect that man to come along because she was waiting for a bus, I sensed this to mean that she didn't think she would get it patented but he did show up and it did happen.

To be continued...

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Psychic Reading Guidance - What You Should and Should Not Ask a Psychic

If you have considered to consult a psychic, you could start by considering to consult the best psychic readings in your area. It is essential to ask your psychic inquiries in a manner that will offer you heading & clarity in regards to your circumstance. Whether you need data about connections, affection or marriage, vocational achievement or otherworldly advancement, it is best , just in case, that you raise your questions in a manner that approves your individual force.

There is an essential distinction in between dynamic and inactive inquiries. Quite a few people incline toward inactive inquiries when considering to have a session with a trusted psychic reader on the grounds that they expect basic answers - a real, authentic intuitive reading. It is the least demanding way, yet the most exceedingly awful one. The issue is that such inquiries, expect a simple yes/ no answer. There is no space for your advancement and for your freedom of thought in this answer.

Uncertainty Questions

Numerous individuals look for the assistance of a psychic consultant just for their own particular consolation. They have effectively settled on a specific choice and now they need to help it with an alternate assumption. An alternate probability is that individuals basically question their own particular choice making.

The psychic readings center can't settle on any choices for you and accordingly can't provide for you coordinate answer. Then again, such inquiries at any rate allow the intuitive consultant to discuss the outcomes of your activities. The psychic reader will search for the best future advancement with the assistance of tаrоt cards, channelled images and insights, or other suitable means.

At the point when/ Where/ who questions

Inquiries starting with 'when, where, who' are regularly excessively prohibitive. When you ask such question, you presumably might want to know the exact data from the best psychic readings.

At the point when and where your inquiries can push even the best psychic reader, into a corner. All things considered, to make sure you can get the best out of your psychic session,, you ought to be careful with such inquiries. What's to come is not settled - it is not a motion picture, which you could play forward and retrogressive. The psychic can regularly see a few situations, not just what's to come.

What/ How to Address A Psychic about Your Questions

Asking 'what' or 'how' makes your dynamic methodology stronger. With these inquiries you can regularly distinguish your issues all the more effectively. To answer these inquiries the psychic readings consultants make the effort to concentrate on the core of your issues. You will search for suitable healing services to greatly improve the situation. You can't change the conduct of others effectively. Case in point, if your mate smokes, you can influence him to stop under particular conditions. You can figure out how to overlook, appreciation, or adoration this offensive gimmick - however you can barely change his personality on this fundamental level. Just about every arrangement has been in your grasp. You can change your conduct or the view about how others behave, act and think.

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How to Differentiate Between Chalk and Cheese While Consulting a Psychic Reader

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” - William Shakespeare; Hamlet (1.5.167-8)
While reading this widely used and still famous excerpt from one of the literary masterpieces composed by arguably the greatest English bard and playwright of all times, you may get the impression that this is some sort of boring and ‘good for nothing’ critical review on a wonderful quotation that is on the verge of becoming a cliché, thanks to professors and students of the English language from all over the world. Let me assure you, this article is not the 'food for thought’ type, lectured by a gray-haired, all-knowing, free-time philosopher.
Rather, this is about saving your hard earned dollars from getting wasted, only because you felt compellingly itchy to shell out money for hearing nonsense from an odd-looking person, who is ready to mesmerize you with his thoroughly practiced pitch. In fact, many a times this generalized speech starts with the assertion that angels and spirits talk to psychics in mysterious ways - something that their clients are unable to see, hear, touch, feel or understand. If any client asks awkward questions and counter the psychic’s invaluable realization that is supposed to be from some higher source of wisdom, they usually have a rich reserve of parachute pitches for saving the day.
These days, there are various graded services offered by psychics in exchange for humble fees; some of the figures are 'humble’ enough to surpass your monthly salary. While most of them stick to one-to-one private session in a room with dim lights, burning incense sticks and repetitive music, psychics offering their services over phone calls, live chats and emails are also available aplenty. Typically, you will find a mixed bag of skills ranging from tаrоt card based revelations pertaining to all tenses and aspects of your life, to talking with the spirits of your deceased kin. The irony is that, although the entire session is a dramatic, voice modulated and brilliantly executed show, there is hardly any statement that gives you a verifiable and quantifiable answer to a specific question. In such cases, fake psychics with unmatched skills of cold reading manages to dodge you by creating a win-win proposition.
The most common trick adopted by cold readers is to convince the client that both parties must participate and cooperate with each other during the session, by which they usually dupes you to say a lot many things about yourself, without you being conscious about it. Add to that their statement that includes all contrasting possibilities in smartly crafted lingo to make it appear more serious, you simply can’t refrain from gawking with awe-struck expression. Just for an instance, if you are in your early twenties and striving to build a strong foundation for a rewarding career, chances are that you will consider me as a psychic after reading my wise analysis - “Although you feel that you have extraordinary talent and once-in-a-generation ideas that can potentially alter the course of human race, there are times when most people, simply don’t see things the way you do. However, there are also some that recognize your potential and the impact your work has brought to your organization… ”. Hit me if you are not impressed!
We are ordinary mortals with limited intellect and as of now, far from attaining holistic wisdom and perfection as a living species. Yes, there are may things in this universe and beyond - waiting to get explored. And with due respect to real ones and sincere apologies to the fake ones for daring to write this article, the same principle applies to any individual who makes a living by proclaiming to have gifts in the form of an extraordinarily tuned mind, that can sense incredibly subtle stuff which is incomprehensible by gross minds. So, the next time you feel bogged down by pressure from family, spouse or boss and really believe that fine cosmic energies can be attracted, it’s better to start practicing meditation or take a vacation at some secluded spot, than to consult a fake psychic reader. If, by chance, you are lucky to come across a genuine psychic reader of unquestionable professional integrity, please do me a favor - mail the psychic’s address to me, because I am really eager to know my future. 

How To Spot Red Flags in New Relationships

A couple of years back, I was dating yet another inappropriate man. Completely emotionally unavailable and everything he stood for and believe in, contradicted all of me. From time to time, I would consult my deck of tаrоt cards about the situation and my intuition kept whispering the words “look for the flags.” I have an extraordinary ability to give myself the most excellent advice, and up until recently, I would fail to take it over and over again.
On one of my visits to the destination where he was based with the US Navy, I just had a really bad gut feeling about the whole thing. He consistently made jokes at my expense, in front of a group of people I had never met before and within about 30 minutes of arriving at the social gathering in question, he promptly attempted to dispatch me to the kitchen to make mojitos for him and his boys.
That night I dreamt I was trussed up like a chicken, bound in red flags- the kind you see at a kids sporting event. On awaking the next morning, my heart was in my mouth and I was filled with dread. Why was I so affected by this seemingly stupid dream and more to the point, what did it mean?
As I walked down to the beach to get some air and clear my head, I sensed a series of mental clicks. “Look out for the red flags.” My intuition had been warning me about the kind of man he was, and what this meant in the context of a relationship. I knew in that moment, that the only thing harder than staying, was leaving. Yet it had to be done.
With all of the media that we are exposed to on a daily basis, and the countless amounts of outdated relationship advice available on the internet- it can be really tough to figure out when to let things slide and compromise, and when to stand our ground, straighten our crown and walk away like a boss. Whenever we sense that something is not right with our current beau, we often don´t listen to our higher selves guiding us away from the emotional danger we are on the verge of experiencing. Rather, most of the time, we call our best girlfriends and re hash the details of our misery over and over. Some might tell us to chill and not be so uptight, others might tell us to walk away immediately. But the one who really knows, who has the correct answer, is yourself.
What is perfectly acceptable to one person, doesn´t fly with another. Some people might think that consistency in a relationship is important, others may choose seemingly exciting mind games. So the important thing, is to determine what your own red flags are and start taking notice of them. Every. Single. Time.
Here are some ways of how to spot red flags in new relationships. I personally like to operate according to the two strikes and you´re out policy. Make a fool of me once, shame on you. Make a fool of me twice, shame on me. Ultimately, we are all prone to human error. Mistakes can be made, but only if they are then rectified and learnt from.
Actions Speak Louder Than Words.
Any man (unless entirely brain dead) will promise you the moon and the stars, if he thinks it will get him closer to his goal of hunting you down and making him yours (at least for one night) He will shower you with compliments and tell you how much he is looking forward to seeing you, but does he back those statements up with his behaviour? Does he make plans with you and then cancel last minute, or worse, not even bother to follow up? Let him show you who he is, rather than tell you.
Human nature is actually quite simple. If you like someone and you enjoy spending time with them, you will consistently be in contact (we aren´t talking hourly stalking here, but more like a consistent flow of communication) Be seriously warned about men who come on super strong initially, and then pull a Houdini. Whilst this might be fun to watch disappearing acts at the circus, it´s less entertaining when it´s happening in real life. If someone disappears on you on a continuous basis, they are pretty much setting the stage for the rest of the show and you can guess how the production will end. The scorned damsel sitting at home drinking cheap wine, whilst professing her undying love to her pet and prince charming has charged ahead, onto his next conquest.
His Best Kept Secret.
When you first meet each other, it´s logical that you would be wanting to spend time with each other and no one else. As appealing as a second date with Grandma eating homemade scones might be, it´s unrealistic and actually quite scary to imagine that family introductions would happen so soon. But how about a month or so in? Have you met any of friends? or do they at least know about your existence? Or are you a secretive part of his life. Do you go out and do things together? or is it a behind closed doors interaction? If someone is serious about you, they will be proud of you and want to show everyone around them that they are the lucky SOB dating you.
Shady and Deranged.
As Beyonce once said, “you can´t figure him out, you´re like hey, is he insane?”
The Elusive man is one to stay far, far away from. Cagey behaviour is not how someone who has nothing to hide would act. The only other explanation for it would be an extreme case of insecurity, low self esteem and paranoia. None of which are exactly prime ingredients for a healthy relationship. If you are calling him and getting voicemail all the time, or if you have absolutely no clue about who this man actually is and how he spends his free time, you might want to don your Nike´s, make like a tree and leaf.
Be Your Own Detective.
A friend of mine told me the other day, that it doesn´t bother him at all when the girls he dates speak about their exes. Actually, he uses this as his greatest ally. By listening to them going on about what happened, and how that guy used to behave and the way they would talk about him (usually in a derogatory manner) he is able to see the pattern. There are always two sides to every story, so if someone tells you how every single one of their exes was unfaithful, this is a good indication that there is something within the story teller, which is attracting this same consistent negative behaviour to their lives.
Turn Down the Drama, Turn Up the Music!
There is positive and negative in absolutely every situation, but when the negative starts outweighing the positive, and you can see that there are more drawbacks than benefits in your relationship, it´s time to rethink the whole thing. If you meet a guy, who seems to be surrounded by drama- crazy backstories with all of his exes, problems in pretty much all areas of his life, then you need to consider if he is really in an emotionally fit place to be in a relationship with you. We all have a past and we have all had bad experiences, but the difference is, most of us choose to walk away from that. If he brings continuous drama to the table, back off before the chaos snowballs.
Always in Control.
There is a massive difference between someone who is in control of their own lives and someone who tries to be in control of your life. In a healthy relationship, both people should have the right to do as they please, providing there is always a level of mutual trust and respect. However, if he is going AWOL every weekend, yet his eyes almost pop out of his head and he starts giving you an interrogation when he learns from your Facebook wall that you were tagged on a night out with a group of friends, of which 50% were male, then this is controlling behaviour. Don´t give it, if you can´t take it and there are not one set of rules for him and a different set for you.
The Taskmaster
Always be observing his actions and behaviours over time. Some men love to punish (and not in a kinky 50 shades way) The act of berating, criticizing and punishing someone, is the trademark of an insecure male, who has got his passive aggressive game worked out to a tee. If your man is overly critical of you, or with holds affection to teach you a lesson (even in a joking manner) this is not acceptable and is a massive red flag.
The list is endless, and as you get to know yourself and your values better, you will build an automatic checklist in your head of deal breakers. Once you have them, stick to them. In my experience, your intuition never lies to you. Life will keep giving us the same lessons, until we finally take heed and learn them.
What are some of your own biggest red flags? Leave your comments below and pass the torch by sharing this post with someone you know who would benefit. 

Astrology Services: Get Insight About Your Fortune

Astrology is an ancient study which relates the motion of stars and other celestial bodies with the fate of human beings. According to astrology, the stars and planets influence the rate of success and failure in a person’s life. Based on the same premise, there are various systems of divination. Many cultures like Indian and Chinese culture have attached importance to the astronomical system and have developed some systems for predicting terrestrial events of a person’s life.
The main tool of astrology is called psychic reading, a specific attempt to apprehend information through the use of some perceptive abilities or natural extensions of the basic human senses. It is also referred to as pseudoscience. There are different types of psychic reading.
Aura reading, one of the types of psychic reading, is the interpretation of auras. Aura here refers to a field of subtle and luminous radiation surrounding a person. Aura readers claim to have a unique ability to see or sense auras. According to psychics, auras are made up of bio-electromagnetic fields.
Another one is Numerology, which is defined as the study of the mysterious meanings of numbers and their influence on human life. It uses date of birth, letters in the names, etc. for calculation. Indians and Chinese adopted numerology systems.
Palm reading, a popular method of astrology which refers to foretelling one’s future through the study of the lines, shapes and wrinkles on the palm. It requires previous knowledge of the subject. Palm reading is one of the most famous astrology schemes in which people believe today also. This practice can be found all over the world, with some cultural variations.
Psychometry, another popular method where the sixth sense is used. It is used to make relevant associations of an object (of unknown history) by making physical contact with that object. True believers assert that an object may have an energy field that transfers knowledge regarding to object’s history. Psychometry has even claimed to help visitors meet their dearly departed.
Tаrоt reading. It is the use of some cards to gain insight into the past, current and future situations by posing a question to those cards. Tаrоt is often used with the study of the ‘Hermetic Qabalah’, which is a western occult tradition for magical societies. This activity is very common at psychic fairs.
Most of the people still believe in astrology because they have their own personal experience in its favor. In earlier time, the rulers called astrologers before going to a war or signing a treaty so that they can get a hint of the results of their actions. Even today, people seek astrologers and ask for their guidance before taking any important decision like purchasing a property, starting a business, etc.
There are various astrologers offering their skills in the whole country. If you are worried about your future or you have a fear of any future event, you should definitely consult an astrologer. This may not tell you the exact result but you might get an alternative to escape from the impact of that result.
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